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  • I taught myself to sew, knit and edit movies – you can do anything if you are not afraid to fail.

  • My only pet is Lady, the pretty dog who thinks she is the queen of all poodles (perhaps because I secretly dress her that way)...

  • ...(I only did it once)...

  • ...(ok, twice).

  • I love television programs about arts and craft, but I usually only see half because I get the urge to start working on my own projects.

  • Mia taught me horseback riding – and I love it! My favorite horse is Robin.

  • I love chocolate because it tastes wonderful, and it’s great for cake decoration.

  • Fashion is great, but personal style will always be more important! Who cares what other people think, just look like YOU.

  • I love arts and craft in school, oh, and writing. Math never really seems to work out for me.

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