Want to meet my new foal?

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  • I love reading! Both fantasy, mysteries and sometimes romance novels. I can get lost in a good story for hours.

  • My favorite color is blue. In many cultures blue is a spiritual color, but I like it because it is calm and pretty.

  • If I could only choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be avocado, as it is the world’s most nutrient fruit (but my favorite food is strawberries).

  • In school my favorite subject is science and math. I love understanding why things work the way they do, and being able to figure it out myself too.

  • My pets are Scarlett the naughty puppy, Kitty the white cat, Maxie the striped cat and Goldie the bird. I guess my pet robot ZOBO counts too; I built him with help from my dad.

  • My dad taught me to navigate by the stars, just like they did in the old times before maps.

  • I love watching documentaries about robots or animals. They are fun to watch and I also learn something from them.

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