Dance like no one is watching!

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  • I love working at the school paper. It’s a great chance to get some of my writing out there AND I get to organize a big team of people.

  • I can’t stop watching food programs on TV. If I had the time, I could just watch them all day long.

  • I have this silly love of musicals. If I feel bad, I just put on a musical and everything immediately feels better.

  • My only pet is a rabbit named Daisy, but I often walk the neighbors dog Coco and pretend that he is mine.

  • I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t share my love of being organized. I mean, what is greater that a neat calendar?

  • My favorite school subject is English, because I love writing. Math also has its charm.

  • Cakes are one of the greatest things in life, and cup cakes are even better. I love baking them, decorating them, looking at them and eating them!

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